When women realize that foods can cause their symptoms and even damage their thyroid, the question they ask most often is this.

How do I figure out which I can eat safely and finally see my symptoms subside?

Make sure to watch the video below where I tell you how!


If you want to become thyroid symptom-free, the biggest mistake

you can make is to follow a diet that is NOT customized to

your personal thyroid needs

Here’s my special message for you, as a busy mom with hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s who wants to figure out what to eat and what not to eat to become symptom-free, but doesn’t know how to create how own personalized thyroid diet without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the process, hoping something will work.

If you want to successfully discover your own thyroid diet, then pay close attention.

Many busy moms with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s believe that creating their own personalized thyroid diet is not only difficult, but takes a long time to develop.

As a Thyroid Health Coach, let me reassure you that nothing can be further from the truth!

With the right knowledge, guidance, and tools, you can obtain your own personalized thyroid diet plan in as little as 17 days and today I’ll show you how.

I’d like to introduce you to my program:

Thyroid Kickstart 
The Busy Mom's Blueprint To Discovering Her Own Personal Thyroid Diet in Just 17 days
The Thyroid Kickstart program makes it easy for you to identify what foods are causing your symptoms and negatively affecting your thyroid and it can be done in as little as 17 days.
  • You will get your energy back by releasing common energy-draining foods that you most likely are eating every day
  • You will create your own personal thyroid diet using my proven step-by-step plan and kickstart your healing, all in just 17 days
  • You will discover a list of foods that cause your symptoms, wreak havoc on your immune system and damage your thyroid
  • You will experience symptom relief during the first few days of the program, re-ignite the thyroid healing process and continue to gradually improve on your new diet plan during and after the program   
...and this is just the beginning!

And what makes this even better?

  • Now you never have to deal with the what to eat and not eat dilemma, so you can focus on what matters most and never need to go on another diet ever again!
  • Which also means you're not stuck anymore feeling like your symptoms aren’t improving but you don’t know what else you can do for your thyroid…
  • This make the frustration and disappointment from all diets that didn’t work for you, a thing of the past.
  • And best of all... with the Thyroid Kickstart program you'll experience your first results and symptom relief right after you begin to implement the program and it will cost you literally less than the cost of a doctor visit.

And So Much More...

So again, if you're a busy mom who wants to know what foods are thyroid-safe and which ones aren’t and how to become free from frustrating thyroid symptoms, I’d like you to understand this:

All popular thyroid healing diets and autoimmune protocols don’t work for everyone.

In order to get better and become symptom-free you need a proven and reliable way to create your own personal thyroid diet that works for YOU.

My Thyroid Kickstart program will help you to accomplish this with ease and won’t cost you a fortune.

You won’t have to spend years to become a Thyroid Health Coach, as I did or struggle to do it all on your own.

You can use my done-for-you program with step-by-step guidance and save your valuable time for doing things you love.

If you don’t want to waste another day feeling miserable and thyroid-tired, the best time to start is now.

Remember, that every day that you delay to correct your thyroid problem, your symptoms will persist and weigh you down and you’ll continue to miss out on special moments with your kids and family.

Instead, imagine that in just 17 days you’ll have your personalized thyroid diet, discover and eliminate your energy-draining foods and be amazed at how quickly your symptoms start to improve.

I strongly believe that my program, Thyroid Kickstart: The Busy Mom’s Blueprint to Discovering Her Personal Thyroid Diet in Just 17 Days, holds the key to your long-term success in becoming symptom-free. 

I personally invite you to join my Thyroid Kickstart program right now by clicking the Join Now button located right her on this page.

Here is Everything You’ll Receive When You Join Thyroid Kickstart Today
My Thyroid Kickstart Blueprint
  • No more guess work
  • Program overview, principles, and tools
  • 68 Energy-boosting recipes
  • 15 Busy mom’s tips to plan and prepare easy and delicious Thyroid Kickstart meals that save you time and frustration in the kitchen
  • My favorite secret tool for customizing your meal plan and shopping lists to match your personal/cultural preferences
  • 3-Module blueprint so you’ll know exactly what to do when
Module 1: Restore Your Energy in 4 days
  • Tools to discover 4 energy-draining foods and beverages that make you feel tied, foggy and exhausted
  • Learn easy food substitutions that can make a huge difference in how you feel
  • A complete 4-Days protocol to win your energy back
  • Discover how to effectively deal with energy drops
Module 2:  Relieve Your Symptoms in One Week
  • 7-day meal plan free of the most common food triggers
  • 14 Thyroid-healthy snacks
  • How making easy substitutions can make a huge difference in how you feel    
  • Reinoculate your gut with healthy bacteria to balance your immune system, improve digestion, and increase your body’s natural ability to convert T4 to active T3 thyroid hormone
  • Use the least restrictive diet with a maximum benefit for your thyroid so you experience noticeable quick symptom relief
Module 3:  Customize Your Thyroid Diet in 6 Days
  • Determine which foods have the greatest potential to trigger frustrating hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s symptoms and determine if these are problematic for YOU
  • Use simple fill-in-the-blank templates to create your own thyroid-safe diet plan to maximize your thyroid healing    
  • By the end of the program, you’ll know  exactly what to eat and what to avoid
4 Value-Packed Bonuses

4 Must-Use Tips to Optimize Digestion Even When You Have Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Disease 

Here, I share must-use tips on how to maximize your digestion for maximum impact on your thyroid and immune system.

My Best Resource to Help You Recognize Gluten On-the-Spot!

It will help you read food labels and become a gluten detective.

Recognize Gluten on-the-spot Wallet Card
The wallet card is designed to fit in your pocket or wallet so that you can always have it with you on the go while you are shopping to help you identify gluten-containing foods and ingredients.

Ultimate Relaxation Toolkit: Why stress is your thyroid’s worst enemy and 16 ways to defeat it.  

Here, I offer you my favorite tools and techniques you can use to de-stress in this busy world and effectively reduce the impact of stress on your thyroid.

Daily Email Support Throughout the entire program, I’ll help guide you through every step in the program and provide you with a daily accountability check.

“Yes, I Want In! How Much Will This Cost Me?”

I am really excited for you to join the program and get started. Even more, I can't wait for you to see the results that are waiting for you on the other side.

When You Join Thyroid Kickstart Program Today, You'll Get  a

Total Value of $397 for Only $97

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100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be 100% satisfied with the Thyroid Kickstart program and what's more, I know you’re going to love the results. But let me remove any doubt you might have when making this decision….

Register today and if you are not completely satisfied with the program, you are protected by my 17-day money-back guarantee. 

Just email me at info@demystifyingthethyroid.com and I’ll issue you a full refund within 3 business days.

What Are Your Waiting For?

Join the Thyroid Kickstart program today for only $97 by clicking the button below

All infromation is encrypted and transmitted
without risk using a Secure Sockets Layer Protocol.

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See you in the program,

Lisa LeVerrier, FDN-P, MPsy, CWC,

Thyroid Health Coach

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